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Leverage PECB Skills to elevate your cybersecurity career without the cost of expensive boot camps or degrees. Our approach has helped professionals significantly boost their earnings in the cybersecurity field.

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Why Choose PECB Skills?

Unlock online learning in minutes with expert-led capsules that build essential skills for your journey ahead. Transform your career trajectory today.

Get Unlimited Certifications for A Year for €347

Interactive Learning

Engage with dynamic lessons, quizzes, and activities for a hands-on educational experience.

Expert Instructors

Learn directly from industry leaders and subject-matter experts to gain valuable education insights.

Tracking & Analytics

Stay informed about your progress through user-friendly tracking tools and insightful analytics.

Skill Development

Tailor your educational journey by personalizing lessons and content aligned with your career goals.

pecb skills platform

"PECB Skills transformed my understanding of compliance and risk management. Their courses are engaging, informative, and directly applicable to my job. This investment in my education has paid off multiple times over."

Michael, Compliance Officer

Comprehensive Collection of Capsules


With an expansive collection of 600+ capsules, PECB Skills is structured to provide valuable perspectives on a wide variety of subjects, including:

Risk Management
Business Continuity Management
Information Security
Cybersecurity Techniques
Privacy Information Management
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Management Systems Auditing
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

"Thanks to PECB Skills, I transitioned from a general IT role to a specialized position in information security. The course content is top-notch, and the support from instructors is unparalleled. It's the best decision for my career."

Elena, Information Security Manager

PECB Skills Roadmap


A structured roadmap, thoughtfully designed to guide learners systematically, provides clear direction and progression for acquiring your desired skills effectively and efficiently.


Watch a quick 15-minute educational video that breaks down complicated ideas into simpler terms and assists in comprehending various industry-related specifics.

pecb skills platform
pecb skills platform


Explore a set of four capsules that facilitate in-depth understanding, ensure a thorough grasp of the subject, and provide the option to take an additional practice quiz.


Advance with the Competency Essentials Certificate, earned through four modules and a final quiz, bearing the ANAB logo for professional excellence.

pecb skills platform
pecb skills platform

Attestation of Module Completion

Demonstrate proficiency in specific modules
and receive 1 CPD credit.

Essentials Certificate

Master essential skills in a 4-hour program, earn 4 CPD credits.

Get Ready to Embark on a Dynamic Learning Journey with PECB Skills

Get Unlimited Certifications for A Year for €347

What Does PECB Skills License Include?

Discover what the PECB Skills License includes with a breakdown of key components below:

"After completing my cybersecurity course with PECB Skills, I landed a role that doubled my salary. The practical knowledge and certifications were key to my success. Highly recommend for anyone serious about career growth."

Alexandra, Cybersecurity Analyst

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Get Unlimited Certifications for A Year for €347