Hi–I’m Mike Boutwell. I empower people to own their lives through a lucrative career in cybersecurity.

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Hi, I'm Mike Boutwell, your guide to not just navigating but mastering the cybersecurity landscape. With over 15 years of experience safeguarding the digital assets of major financial institutions across three continents, my journey is more than a career—it's a mission to make the digital world a secure place for everyone.


From Engineering to Empowerment

My story began in the intricate world of network infrastructure engineering, where I quickly realized that cybersecurity wasn't just about protecting data—it was about empowering people. In 2018, I founded the Pallas Group to bring personalized cybersecurity solutions to businesses in need. But my passion didn't stop there. As the author of "The Ransomware Handbook" and "Profit-Driven Cybersecurity," I've dedicated myself to sharing knowledge that makes a difference.


What Sets Me Apart?

  • It's simple: I believe in a cybersecurity education that enriches your life, not just your resume. Whether you're starting your career, scaling the corporate ladder, or seeking to pivot into leadership roles within the tech sphere, I offer insights that blend technical prowess with life-enhancing wisdom.
  • Expertise That Speaks Volumes: Leveraging my extensive background, I craft courses and content that go beyond the basics, tackling the complexities of modern cybersecurity challenges.
    A Holistic Approach: My teachings are rooted in the philosophy that a secure digital environment contributes to a quality life. I equip you with the skills to protect and advance your career while ensuring you thrive in every other aspect of your life.
  • Community and Connection: Through the Saturday Cyber Sentinel, my weekly newsletter, and an exclusive online community, I foster connections that turn aspiring professionals into industry leaders.

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01 Cybersecurity Career Mastery

Unlock your potential in cybersecurity with in-depth guidance and actionable strategies.

02 Tech Industry Mastery

Navigate the tech world's challenges and opportunities for a fulfilling career.

03 Professional Development

Propel your career with advanced skills in leadership and strategic career planning.

04 Achieving Work-Life Excellence

Master the art of balancing professional success with personal fulfillment.

05 Building Personal Resilience

Cultivate resilience and adaptability, essential for thriving in today's fast-paced environment.

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