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"Everything Mike puts out is practical. No fluff. Just incredibly useful advice that you can read and take action on immediately. One of only a few newsletters I read weekly."

Gary, 40 year information security veteran

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  • 20,000+ Subscribers

  • 44.4% Average Open Rate

  • Average Click Rate 3.6%

  • Job Titles - SOC Analyst, Student, IAM Consultant, etc

  • Audience - Cybersecurity professionals, aspiring cyber professionals, students.
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"Mike's newsletter has been a game-changer for me as a recent graduate in cybersecurity. The information is always relevant, concise, and incredibly actionable. It's rare to find resources that offer such direct value to someone just starting their career. His weekly insights have become a key part of my professional development."

Alex, 24, Junior Cybersecurity Analyst, 1 year in the field

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When you purchase a sponsorship, you get one advertisement in our Saturday newsletter.

Your ad will be 1 of a maximum 2 ads in that issue.

The newsletter is published at 8:30 am CST every Saturday morning.

"In my 15 years in cybersecurity, I've come across numerous resources, but Mike's newsletter stands out. It cuts through the noise with practical, straightforward advice that's relevant to both day-to-day operations and strategic thinking. It's one of the few newsletters that I consistently read and apply in my role."

Sandra, 37, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, 15 years in the industry

Ad Creative Requirements:

I've now tested over 100 advertisements and can confidently say that short, intriguing ads with lead magnets perform the best. The longer the ad, the worse. The more unclear the CTA, the worse.

With that in mind, here are the creative requirements:

01 Ads are text only and can be 140 characters long. Each sponsorship will also have a call-to-action (CTA). The CTA text has a max limit of 20 characters.

02 Example Copy: Boost your cyber career with CyberSecurity Masters! Gain key skills & insights from top pros in our free guide.

Example CTA text:  Get Your Free Guide!

03 You will supply the copy and I will edit it to fit my voice.

04 Ad copy is due one week before the newsletter date.

05 All ads are subject to editorial approval.

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Currently booked out 5 months (Expect another 3,500+ subscribers by then).

Please note: There are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date. I also reserve the right to decline any sponsorships that aren't a good fit for The Saturday Cyber Sentinel (a full refund would be issued in that case.) I also reserve the right to edit the copy to fit the above guidelines.

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