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"Stumbling upon Mike's YouTube video discussing WGU's Cybersecurity program was a game-changer for me. His honest insights about breaking into the field, especially on a tight budget, resonated deeply. It was clear that Mike's experience in cybersecurity was genuine, so I decided to invest in his Cyber Career OS course.


The course exceeded my expectations, offering practical strategies and clear guidance for entering and advancing in cybersecurity. Mike's transparency and expertise make the course invaluable for anyone starting out in the field. If you're serious about a career in cybersecurity, I highly recommend Mike's course—it's like having a mentor every step of the way.


Phang, Aspiring Cybersecurity Analyst

Go From Cybersecurity Enthusiast to Industry Professional

A quick-hitting course designed to remove confusion and clarify the steps you need to take to get into cybersecurity.

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Save Money

Understand the steps you need to take, rather than paying thousands for boot camps that give you no results. 

Decision Protocol

Get a framework to decide if a course or training is worth paying money for or not. The no-fluff truth about the training industry.

3 Simple Steps

Get the 3 simple steps you need to take to get your first cyber job. Learn how to get rapid career growth and massively increase income.

Bonus Library

Inside the course is a bonus offer to access tons of learning resources including micro courses, standards, and guides updated monthly.

"Mike's direct and knowledgeable career guidance in cybersecurity significantly influenced my professional choices and success"

Carlos, GRC Enthusiast

What's in the course?

Step 1 - Understanding Cybersecurity

A foundational module designed to introduce you to the world of cybersecurity, key concepts, and job niches that you need to choose from to start your journey.

Step 2 - Building Your Skillset

The no-nonsense guide to which certifications you need, why you need them, and in which order you need to take them for rapid career progression. Also an overview of cybersecurity projects to undertake to get your first job.

Step 3 - Launching Your Career

Learn what it takes to prepare for an interview from someone who has interviewed hundreds of candidates for cybersecurity roles. Learn job searching strategies and learn how to progress your career rapidly. 

"Mike's career advice in cybersecurity opened new doors for me, guiding me towards a fulfilling path in the industry."

David, Ethical hacker permanently working from home

Questions + Answers

"The insights Mike shared about the cybersecurity field were invaluable, helping me navigate my career with confidence."

Sarah, Cybersecurity Student

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