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I receive many emails that ask me for career advice on a wide range of topics from how to get started to choosing the next major step. Over the past 15+ years, I have navigated these issues with ease and now I am here to share my expertise with you.


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Personalized Career Roadmap

Develop a tailored career plan that aligns with your specific cybersecurity interests, skills, and goals, providing a clear path for professional growth and advancement.

Gap Analysis and Training Plan

Identify areas where your cybersecurity knowledge or skills may need enhancement and receive customized recommendations for training, certifications, or experiences to bridge these gaps effectively.

Networking and Industry Insight

Gain valuable insights into the cybersecurity industry, including trends and opportunities, and learn strategies for effective networking to build relationships and open doors to potential job opportunities.

What to Expect in Your Strategy Session

Tailored to your career aspirations, our session will guide you through the essential steps to transition into or advance within the cybersecurity field. Discuss certifications, salary expectations, remote work, and more.

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